It is an amazing feeling when we had our air conditioning replaced earlier last month.  For the past three years my wife and I were talking about replacing the AC unit in our home, but for whatever reason we were unable to do it.  One day while surfing the Internet I came across and it sparked the conversation with my wife once again.

As we were talking, a sign from the heavens came down and smote our AC.  Yep, killed our poor AC dead.   Well, we didn’t have a choice at that point, we needed to invest in a new unit.  The day it was installed was one of the happiest days of our lives.

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Removal of the old unit

Before anything can be done the old unit needed to be removed.  This can be done by unhooking the unit from the house.  The AC unit connects through a series of pipes that enter into the house and feed the internal unit.  The internal unit then cools off hot air that is drawn in from outside and expels it into the home.

Clean the area

Once of the next steps is to clean the area where the new unit will go.  Typically, this will take a minute or two since weeds, grass and other items that may have grown around the unit in the back may not have been dealt with.  After the areas is clean, the pad where the AC unit would go should be positioned properly if it shifted of if one needs to be installed go ahead and do it.

Install and position the unit

Now that everything is ready, it is time to position the unit so it gets optimal air flow and it isn’t wobbly on the platform.  Once your unit is secure it is time to complete the install and get it ready for use.  Once everything is completed you will start to feel the cool air fill your home once again sending delight to everyone involved.