There is going to be a time when something stops accepting power.  This can be as simple as the old faithful toaster all the way to the outlets in your home.  When we use these items, electrical current will run through them on an ongoing basis causing wear and tear.  When this happens, electrical repairs in Lorton VA may need to be done.

Don’t tackle anything you can’t handle

Electricity isn’t something that you should mess with.  If you play with it or don’t take it seriously you could end up getting hurt, seriously hurt or even killed.  Most people either don’t think about electricity or they don’t really understand what it can really do.  Don’t tackle projects that deal with electricity unless you really understand what it is you are doing.

electrical repairs in Lorton VA

Have grounded tools

When working with electricity it is important that you use the right tools.  Many tools that are out there will not have protective grips or rubberized padding.  This rubber coating on the handles is there to keep electrical charges from going into your hands.  Also, the metal used is also a non-conductive material that also prevents electricity from flowing through the tools.

Turn off your power

Before starting any project, you want to turn off the power.  To do this you will want to first use the circuit breaker.  The circuit breaker is where all the power is sent into the house or building you are working in.  There are individual breakers for each outlet or section of the house as well as a master breaker that turns off all power to the entire building.

Stay away from water and other conductive materials

You want to make sure that you are totally grounded.  You don’t want to be near water, have sweaty hands or wear any jewelry.  These are all items that are highly conductive and can cause you to experience bad electrical shocks.